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Photography // New York WalkAbout: 34th Street Serenade

Berlin Art Link Barbara Confino's New York WalkAbout 34th Street

Text and images by Barbara Confino – in Berlin; Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2013.

Artist and writer Barbara Confino‘s new series, Walkabout: The City As Image, explores urban life as a visual experience. Functioning as both cameraman and editor, the walker sees the physical and human environment as if it were a film in the making…[read on…]

WHAT IS REAL? Thomas Ruff Photograms and ma.r.s

Article by Don Burmeister in New York; Friday, April 12, 2013.

Thomas Ruff is one of the handful of art world superstars who emerged in the 1990’s from the Düsseldorf school of photography centered around Hilda and Bernd Becher…[read on…]

Scientific WalkAbout: Report from the Big Bang

Scientific WalkAbout

Blog post and photographs by Barbara Confino – in New York; Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013

On a dark day in infinity the Universe imagined itself into existence, arriving barely bigger than a dot. From nothing it blew itself up into a gigantic, oddly shaped balloon in which small groups of dissatisfied gases clung…[read on…]

The Good Life in Berlin

Pergamon by Barbara Confino

Blog post by Barbara Confino – in New York; Saturday, Aug. 04, 2012.

From the beginning Berlin confounds me. My first impression of this city built on a swamp is dreary. I find most of its famous old buildings disproportionally massive, its wide avenues tacky and commercial, and am thinking this is an ugly city when I discover something else. Having gone to the Museum of Natural History to pay my respects to the dinosaurs, I chance upon a photography exhibit detailing the variety of wildlife… [read on…]