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Room for Thought: An Interview with Cevdet Erek

Interview with Cevdet Erek

Interview by Denisa Tomkova // Apr. 17, 2020
We spoke to Cevdet Erek, Istanbul-based visual artist and musician about his artistic inspiration, his work in Berlin and the difference in performing as a musician in a band and presenting his work to[read on]

‘Traum und Trauma’ at the Museum of Islamic Art

Article by Isabelle Hore-Thorburn // Nov. 23, 2018
The Museum of Islamic Art have reopened and updated their carpet halls under the title, ‘Traum und Trauma’ (Dream and Trauma). The rare and exceptional fragments that comprise the exhibition reflect[read on]

Jen Ray

Berlin Art Link studio visit with Jen Ray
by Alison Hugill // Dec. 11, 2013
As I suspected it would be – strangely, even before meeting Jen Ray in person – the studio visit was both laid-back and intellectually enlightening. The…[read on]