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The Possibilities of ‘Floating Utopias’

Berlin Art Link review of 'Floating Utopias' at nGbK

Article by Lucile Bouvard // June 09, 2018
A large-scale helium balloon in the shape of a stylized rock floats over Oranienplatz in Berlin. On its top stands a small inflatable building. Below it, on the sidewalk, a group of performers[read on]

Drawing Surrealism: The Artist Redefined

Article by Barbara Confino – in New York; Friday, Feb. 22, 2013.

Together with Dada, Surrealism (and they really are two acts of the same play) was the most inventive of modern movements. An overwhelming number of contemporary practices and attitudes can be traced back to them. Most fundamentally they are responsible for a paradigmatic shift in the definition of the artist. From a craftsman practicing a hard won skill, the artist became…[read on…]