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The Week Aug. 14–20, 2023

Openings and events at silent green Kulturquartier, Tanz Im August, Circle Culture Gallery, SAP Space, Akademie der Künste, HAU1, Klosterruine Berlin, Bärenzwinger, Galerie Wedding,…[read on]

Making Space: Marinella Senatore’s ROSAS

Parade - Public Performance in conjunction with ROSAS, Marinella Senatore (2012), Courtesy of Peres Projects

Article by Melissa King – in Berlin; Monday, Nov. 19, 2012.

Amongst the drizzle of a gray Saturday afternoon, a crowd gathers in anticipation of a public parade orchestrated by Italian artist Marinella Senatore. It begins with a handful of tap dancers taking their first percussive steps; and soon after, Auguststraße is alive with gypsy carnival music…[read on…]