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Fiction // East of Eden: An Interview with Yves Scherer

Article by Alice Bardos in Berlin // Aug. 12, 2016
I’d done research into his sculptures and surreal post-internet pieces before I’d met him, but going off of the intellectual and nostalgic facets of his work—in tandem with with my quickly made presumptions towards…[read on]

Announcement // Gold Cube Gallery: New Kreuzberg Gallery Launches Tonight, Aug.14

Blog post by April Dell – in Berlin; Friday, Aug. 14, 2015.

Gold Cube is a new Kreuzberg gallery that launches its program tonight, Friday, August 14th, with an exhibition by British artist Hatty Morris. Found on Urbanstrasse between Bergmannkiez and the Landwehrkanal Gold Cube marks another spot to hit in a neighbourhood already housing DUVE gallery and the recently opened König Gallery at St. Agnes Church. Gold Cube’s program…[read on…]

Marianne Vitale

Berlin Art Link Studio visit with Marianne Vitale
by Lucia Love // Aug. 14, 2014
Artist studios in the city are as diverse as the neighborhoods that they crop up in. Always shifting through industrial blocks – anonymous areas where you…[read on]