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Exhibition // Somewhere sideways, down, at an angle, but very close at WENTRUP

Berlin Art Link Features, Art Work by Florian Meisenberg; courtesy of Wentrup Gallery

Article by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

Artist Florian Meisenberg knows that we no longer need to marvel at the software of Siri, and he knows that tweeting is already an aging sport. In his second show at Wentrup Gallery, we aren’t pushed to consider magical or gimmicky aspects of technology mixed with art. Instead, he plays with the already existing…[read on…]

On Screen // Anri Sala’s Reverberations at Videoart at Midnight

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Friday, Apr. 18, 2014.

Anri Sala‘s video art engages viewers with its soundscapes as much as its images. The music of Sala’s videos aren’t always separate soundtracks, but are often performances within the video, such as improvisation saxophonist Jemeel Moondoc‘s playing in Long Sorrow (2005), the first of Sala’s short films shown at this past Videoart at Midnight. …[read on…]

On Screen // Waterscope at Mindpirates

Berlin Art Link Discover, trailer still from "Waterscope" from director Carsten Aschmann

Blog post by AJ Kiyoizumi – in Berlin; Thursday, Mar. 27, 2014.

Director Carsten Aschmann said in 2012 rather humbly about his film, Waterscope, that “There are a lot of films about water. Now here is one more.” But the experimental film paired with the unusual, industrial sounds from Dieter Moebius draws few comparisons…[read on…]

Interview // Katarina Zdjelar: Inherent excess of imagination

Interview by Marianna Liosi – in Berlin; Sunday, Oct. 06, 2013.

Katarina Zdjelar’s research has a broad scope: as an artist she explores notions of identity, authority and community by looking at certain specific aspects of reality, in which peculiarities of our historical times are condensed. Her practice consists of…[read on…]

BLINK // Slow Action by Ben Rivers

Berlin Art Link, Slow Action by Ben Rivers

Blog post by Jazmina Figueroa – in Berlin; Wednesday, Oct. 02, 2013.

Slow Action is a series of four narrative 16mm films by Ben Rivers set in different sites around the world. Each site is outstanding in its seclusion, absence of modern society, and astonishing natural environment…..[read on…]

Event // ikono On Air Festival

Blog post by Jessyca Hutchens – in Berlin; Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.

Following the recent trend of unique festival formats, ikono is presenting the first arts festival that will take place exclusively on television…[read on…]

Douglas Gordon: sharpening video art

Article by Andrea Ongaro in Berlin // Feb. 28, 2013
It’s not easy to define video art. The word video alone brings a multitude of technologies to mind, from movies to internet videos. Today, everybody is in the position to realize high quality videos – not necessarily good[read on]