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Interview // Katarina Zdjelar: Inherent excess of imagination

Interview by Marianna Liosi – in Berlin; Sunday, Oct. 06, 2013.

Katarina Zdjelar’s research has a broad scope: as an artist she explores notions of identity, authority and community by looking at certain specific aspects of reality, in which peculiarities of our historical times are condensed. Her practice consists of…[read on…]

Event // ikono On Air Festival

Blog post by Jessyca Hutchens – in Berlin; Thursday, Sept. 5, 2013.

Following the recent trend of unique festival formats, ikono is presenting the first arts festival that will take place exclusively on television…[read on…]

Douglas Gordon: sharpening video art

Article by Andrea Ongaro in Berlin // Feb. 28, 2013
It’s not easy to define video art. The word video alone brings a multitude of technologies to mind, from movies to internet videos. Today, everybody is in the position to realize high quality videos – not necessarily good[read on]

Immersive Surfaces in New York

Devon Elise Atkins - "Listen the snow is falling"

Blog entry by Katy Diamond Hamer in New York // Monday, Sep. 19, 2011
After having spent the summer in Berlin investigating the contemporary art scene as well as international artists who are living…[read on…]