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The Buchmann Box near Checkpoint Charlie is currently showing a series of large lithographic prints by celebrated American artist Richard Serra, most famous for his steel sculptures – great forged slabs that arc, twist and loom, forcing the viewer into an altered perception of space. Serra has managed to replicate this giddying spatial effect on paper – the massive swathes of dense black ink are forceful, masculine even. They emanate a tension that draws the viewer in, closer inspection revealing a simple yet satisfying marriage between textured lithographic inks and thick Belgian paper. It’s a tactile experience.

Just across the road from the Box, in the main Buchmann Galerie, is Lawrence Carroll’s Back to the Cave solo show. Blending the boundaries between painting and sculpture, the elegant placement of the work is always at the forefront of Carroll’s mind.

berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmannbox_richardserra_2From left to right: Richard Serra – “Decision on the Stone” (1990), “Rue Ligner” (1989), “Min” (1990), “Père Lachaise” (1990) & “Opéra Comique” (1990), Lithograph
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmannbox_richardserra_3Richard Serra – “#1 T.E” (1999), Etching, Sommerset satin white paper
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmannbox_richardserra_4Richard Serra – “Shelter Benefit Print” (2000), Lithograph and etching, Lanaquarelle paperberlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmannbox_richardserra_5Richard Serra – “Min” (1990), “Père Lachaise” (1990) & “Opéra Comique” (1990), Lithographberlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmannbox_richardserra_1Richard Serra – #1 T.E (1999), Etching, Sommerset satin white paper,berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_3Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (cut out painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on woodberlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_2Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (stair painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on woodberlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_5Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (hinge painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on wood
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_7Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (hinge painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on wood
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_6Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (hinge painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on wood
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_1Lawrence Carroll – “Untitled” (cut out painting) (2013), oil and wax on canvas on wood
berlin_art_link_8-11-13_buchmanngalerie_laurence-carroll_4 Lawrence Carroll – “Back to the Cave”, Installation view.


Additional Information

“Back to the Cave”
Exhibition: Nov. 8 – Jan. 18, 2014
Charlottenstrasse. 13&75 (click here for map)


Blog entry by Louis Labron-Johnson & photos by Stephanie Third in Berlin; Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2013.

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