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In our present day, art has never been more readily available. From the rise in online exhibitions resulting from the pandemic, to the growth in digital art and virtual reality, we are constantly just a few clicks away from an assortment of artistic works. As the internet closes the geographical gap, it brings with it the opportunity to view art from anywhere across the globe. To celebrate these endless possibilities, we have compiled a selection of online exhibitions, public archives, podcasts, and more.


Since 2022, HEK – Haus der elektronischen Künste in Basel has been running ⁠, a browser-based exhibition and social space. Connecting occult rituals, magic, alchemy and blockchain implementations, ‘There Is No Perfect Spell’—the ongoing group exhibition curated by Bi Xin—asks: Where do people find their faith in cryptocurrencies and digital collectibles? Beyond the investment hype, can blockchain technology be a weapon against corruption and totalitarianism and protect people’s love, faith and hope?


6×6 project

The online platform is dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of artists’ moving image works. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, 6×6 project draws inspiration from the alternative art space movement of the 1970s in New York by utilizing the ‘artists-selecting-artists’ model—six artists, each selecting another artist for inclusion on the platform, every six weeks.

Decolonial Ecologies

The six-episode podcast series Decolonial Ecologies is addressing the power dynamics intertwined within the construction of Ecology as an academic scientific field. In this series, host Dr. Aouefa Amoussouvi collectively discusses decolonial methodologies, practices and instances of sustainable and inclusive environmentalism in both the Global South and the Global North with various researchers, activists and artists.


Since the fall of 2016, D’EST has formed a contemporary video art platform that maps out female* and collective positions that reflect the post-socialist transformation along post-geographic, horizontal, and feminist focus topics. Shaped by fifteen curators, the platform features forty-three video works, experimental films and documentaries, which open up artistic historiographies to be screened online and at different art institutions.

e-flux Film

The Online Programs of e-flux Film stream moving-image works alongside parallel discursive content in the form of commissioned texts and online events. Each month, the Staff Picks section highlights an artist’s work. In Artist Cinemas, e-flux occasionally streams temporary film programs curated by artists and filmmakers. Curated Programs presents thematic film programs put together by e-flux and invited scholars and curators, while the Festival Forum is reserved for showcasing collaborations with film festivals from around the world.

Garage Digital

Bringing together artists, scientists, programmers and art historians, Garage Digital aims to explore and support visual culture emerging under the influence of advanced technologies and new media. Along with presenting digital art, events and research projects online in collaboration with the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, its program focuses on the latest technological advancements that can operate simultaneously as the artwork’s material, medium and means of production.

Hauser & Wirth

Hauser & Wirth inaugurated their online viewing room with an exhibition of French American artist Louise Bourgeois. Drawing was a daily ritual throughout Bourgeois’s seven-decade career, used as a necessary tool to record and exorcise her memories and emotions. Since then, they have shown several other exhibitions, including ‘Zoe Leonard: The ties that bind’ and ‘George Condo: Drawings for Distanced Figures.’

Hebbel am Ufer – HAU4

The online program has been a core part of HAU Hebbel am Ufer since March 2020. Here, the “analogue” performance venues are supplemented with an equivalent digital stage, now called HAU4. You can find the full program of online performances and talks here.

Henie Onstad Art Channel

Henie Onstad streams exclusive and previously unpublished material of exceptional quality from its archives. In the form of digital concerts, the public can experience recordings, commissioned pieces and concerts with artists such as Ulver, Lindstrøm, When and Moon Relay. In addition to this, the Norwegian art center’s online platform presents digital guided tours of its previous exhibitions, as well as texts and playlists.

Julia Stoschek Foundation

Videos and films from the Julia Stoschek Collection are being continually uploaded and made accessible online. Over 220 time-based media artworks by more than 60 artists are accompanied by explanatory texts about the works.


The digital platform Prototype’s curated selection of new video work is accessible online. The website is curated and edited by Lauren Carroll Harris.

Super Dakota

Super Dakota gallery in Brussels has a virtual Video Room on their website, which features a program of films, videos and digital art. The program started with the very much appropriate to the situation ‘Opera Calling 2007’ by !Mediengruppe Bitnik.

The Baer Faxt Podcast

The Baer Faxt Podcast reveals the inner workings of the global art industry through exclusive interviews with key players in the business. Since its launch in 1994 in New York City, The Baer Faxt has been the art world’s trusted source of art market insights and breaking news for industry insiders. The founder, Josh Baer, holds an unrivaled position as an art advisor to world-class collectors, having completed over $500m worth of transactions.

The Wet Altar

The Wet Altar (2021) is a tale with no end. The interactive, digital work commissioned by LAS Art Foundation utilizes Omsk Social Club’s ideas of parallel worlds, their signature style of Real Game Play and the fierce practice of participation as perception. The webbed narrative sits at the crossroads of sci-fi, technology, magick and current politics. It is reminiscent of choose-your-own-adventure stories, however, the work oversteps the boundaries between fiction and reality. The words echo into the reader’s everyday life through embedded commands. Channelling the worlds of artist Leonora Carrington, philosopher Simone Weil, and author Nnedi Okorafor, The Wet Alter questions the effect of narrative on our subconscious.


This free and accessible archive began in 1996 as a site focusing on visual and concrete poetry. But since then it has grown to include all things avant-garde on the internet, making available thousands of films and videos, as well as pieces of music and writing.

Video Art at Midnight

Video Art at Midnight Editions is an anthology of artists’ films and installations offering an insight into the current film and video art production in Berlin. Selected artists who have been featured in the Videoart at Midnight screenings at the Babylon cinema in Berlin over the years choose a significant work from their oeuvre or produce a new one exclusively for this series.

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