Feature Topics

Beto Shwafaty: Oil as a Global Lubricant

Image of a half black Brazilian flag and a framed newspaper clipping to the right of the flag
by Juan José Santos // Sept. 16, 2022
Half of the Brazilian flag is blacked out with oil, its green colour progressively devoured by black. Titled ‘From Abstract Orders to Material Progress’ (2010–2011), it is one of the…[read on]

Letter from the Editor: OIL

an installation view of a gallery exhibition in which a wall with a black and white pattern is scene and two plinths
by Dagmara Genda // Sept. 1, 2022
Oil, that black viscous substance trapped in reservoirs below the earth’s surface, is burned in the blink of an eye but takes millions of years to form. 70% of the “black gold” powering…[read on]

Photo Essay: Sophie Jodoin

Part 3 of Photo Essay by Sophie Jodoin. It is a black and white image of a bum crack with birth marks or scabs on it
Aug. 26, 2022
For the feature topic ‘Slow,’ Montreal artist Sophie Jodoin created a “quiet and suggestive black and white photo essay on the inevitable passing of time and its effects and traces.”…[read on]

Letter from the Editor: SLOW

A large two storey warehouse interior with a sandy beach installed on the ground floor, with people on towels, and an audience of on-lookers on the first floor balcony along the entire inner circumference of the building
by Dagmara Genda // July 8, 2022
As the summer heats up and the art world winds down, we will also focus on what it means to slow down or do nothing. This month I will be talking to Victoria Stanton, a Montréal…[read on]

Photo Essay: John von Bergen

June 24, 2022
We are delighted to feature John von Bergen as the first contributor to our artist’s Photo Essay series. This series will be related to our feature topic, which until the end of June is…[read on]