Feature Topics

Darren Bader’s Capitalist Realism

by Dagmara Genda // Mar. 21, 2023
In Darren Bader’s current show ‘fünfdreier’ at Société Berlin, the realisation of the five instruction-based works in the exhibition are in large part dependent on…[read on]

Letter from the Editor: Money

by Alison Hugill // Mar. 7, 2023
Through an exploration of this topic, we aim to open conversations around the ways in which money forms the backbone of the art world ecosystem…[read on]

Letter from the Editors: Family

a film still depicting a wild looking man with a moustache
by Alison Hugill, Dagmara Genda // Jan. 6, 2023
Kinship beyond bloodlines—or the recently popularized concept of “chosen family”—is, for many, a mode of survival that provides escape from the suffocations and all too often latent…[read on]