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Bending Tubes

Article by Axel Andersson – in Berlin; Tuesday, Apr. 16, 2013.

Before television sets became thin, digital and sterile they were chunky (and strangely anthropomorphic) because they needed to host a large cathode ray tube (CRT). At the base of this tube, furthest from the viewer, was one or more ‘guns’ firing electrons (in colour TV one each for red, green and blue) through a vacuum that would eventually land on a…[read on…]

Fredrik Værslev “The World is Your Oyster”

Fredrik Værslev - "Untitled" (2013); courtesy the artist and Circus, Berlin

Article by Axel Andersson – in Berlin; Thursday, April. 04, 2013.

The Norwegian artist Fredrik Værslev invites the spectator to look, and then look again with seven works at Circus gallery. There is a wealth of references superimposed on what, for being both paintings and sculptures, are painstakingly minimalist objects. Ostensibly the subject matter is the landscape and Værslev returns to this depleted genre in order to imbue it with new meaning. The works all consist of frosted…[read on…]