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Colin Self

by Louise Trueheart // Apr. 28, 2023
In the studio, Self might be found doing any number of things, like singing with 15 amateurs or drafting the outline for their next operetta…[read on]

The Week April 18–24, 2022

Openings and events at Prater Galerie, BcmA, Haubrok Foundation, ACUD Galerie, Galerie Thomas Fischer, Laura Mars Gallery, Heit, Galerie Michael Janssen, Schwarz Contemporary, Callie’s,…[read on]

THE WEEK June 14–20, 2021

Openings and events at 48 Stunden Neukölln, KunstEtagenPankow, Taschen, 129 Gallery, Super bien!, Gallery Weekend, Mountains, Amtsalon Berlin, Nationalmuseum, Haus am Waldsee, Arts of the Working Class, Callie’s,…[read on]