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Voids, Points, Particles — Appearance and erasure

Article by Natasha Klimenko – in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 08, 2012.

The space is clean and white, minimally dressed. Seemingly empty frames hang on one of the walls. A black circle is drawn on each pane of glass. Initially, the purpose of the marking is unclear. Is it the price of the frame? A careless scribble? But at the center of the circle, rising to the surface of perception, is a miniscule speck…[read on…]

The Power of Digital Art. ‘reflecting on networks’ at km temporaer

Article by Angela Connor – in Berlin; Friday, Oct. 26, 2012.

Accessible to anyone with a computer and Internet connection, digital art has become a global experience, capable of liberating individuals from the elitist system of art production and consumption through its mass distribution and participatory models. Blurring the boundary between artist and viewer, collaboration and inclusive actions became key components at km temporaer last weekend, where curators…[read on…]