Kathleen Vance

Monica Salazar // Sept. 6, 2010

This month, Kathleen Vance, an artist from New York City, prepares for two upcoming Berlin exhibitions at RSProjects and Galerie Open. These exhibitions will display the experiential installation from her series “Boundsticks” and a selection of drawings from the Grunewald forest. The site specific installation will engage the viewer in her perception of the experience of the wild nature of the forest, referencing concepts of conservation and the environment. Complementing the installation, Vance will be presenting drawings inspired by elements from collection sites in the Grunewald forest. Her intricate line drawings distill the atmosphere of the environment, from the canopy of the trees to the forest floor.

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Kathleen Vance

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Kathleen Vance

Berlin Art Link Studio Visit with Kathleen Vance


“In my work I distinguish forms that are indicative of growth and explore the variance between experiences of an authentic natural encounter vs. an inauthentic encounter. I look for the ways in which nature can be brought back into the course of one’s daily life. I am intrigued by areas where nature is being reclaimed by the wild. With my installations I engage viewers with the experience of a space being overtaken by natural elements. I bring discarded particles from forestry floor together to be revivified in my constructions. With a varied site collection process, I immerse myself deep into wooded areas and forestry points, engaging with the habitat that has been created by nature.” Kathleen Vance (2010)

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