Outlaw Artist: Saskia Hahn

by Danielle Griffin, photo by Chloé Richard // Mar. 5, 2011

Saskia Hahn has made her mark playing guitar in Peaches’ band Sweet Machine, but she always knew she had a passion for visual arts as well as music. In an upcoming exhibition in New York titled ‘Outlaw Art,’ she will have the chance to present her work to a wider audience. The exhibition will feature three artists who have crossed mediums, and who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and mix variations of “high” and “low” art and style in a high-end location. Saskia was kind enough to share a few words with us about her work and the upcoming exhibition.

Danielle Griffin: How did this exhibition come to be?

Saskia Hahn: I took a trip to New York after we (Peaches & Sweet Machine) did our laser show at Art Basel Miami in December, to dive into New York’s art and club scene. My main goal was to find a gallery that would be interested in showing my artwork. I mean, there are plenty of them in New York and I wanted to start showing my artwork outside of Berlin. So I kept asking my friends and one of them connected me with Janene Outlaw. The funny thing is that both of us were so busy at the time while I was there that we actually didn’t meet in person. I had to send her my portfolio as soon as I got back to Berlin and she liked it on the spot.

How are you pursuing your art career?
100% …I think that says it all!

Do you think there are better sales opportunities in New York?
Better than in Berlin? Probably, because it’s much bigger and so is the gallery and collectors scene… I mean, I hope so. I’m tired of eating from a can and I need new socks too!!!

What do you expect from this exhibition?
Meeting other artists, getting new inspirations and basically having a fun time in New York City!

And from your future exhibitions?
I will show some of my new artwork at The Fab Lab in Berlin, especially the ones that are too big to ship to New York. It’s probably going to happen in May. Oh, and London might be an option too but I’ll keep you posted about that.

Does your music influence your art?
Good question…I never really though about that. Right now I would say no. Maybe on a subconscious level but what I can say is, that it’s the same passion and energy that drives me.

Was it challenging to cross over into a new medium?
No, not at all. I’ve been painting and experimenting with photography since I was a little girl but music was always more important to me. In 2009, when the urge of being creative as a visual artist became bigger and bigger, I just couldn’t compensate it with music anymore. I had so many ideas and visions stuck in my head, I just had to get started…get it out there.

What inspired you to take up visual arts?
Basically modern art itself. It has always fascinated me, especially pop art and abstract expressionism and now that I’m part of it, it’s even more exciting. The joy and fascination it brings to create something with my hands that used to be “just” an idea is truly amazing. Of course it’s trial and error sometimes but that’s part of the whole process.

Additional Information

Outlaw Art: Mar. 18, 2011; 5–9pm
385 West 12th Street, Town House 1

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