Speed Portfolio Viewing

March 29, 2011

Bringing together speed dating and portfolio viewings, curators are invited to review artists’ portfolios in 10 short sessions of 20 minutes each. The day closes with food and drinks for everybody.

In a clean and friendly environment, PIGS will bring together artists and curators who have not yet met and appear to share interests with each other. The curators will be chosen based on their variety of interests and practices. The artists will be chosen based on their work and “compatibility” with the participating curators. During the event, the curators will stay at their tables while the artists rotate with their laptops, catalogues etc.


up to 15 curators: Each curator reviews 10 portfolios.
up to 25 artists: Each artist meets at least 4 curators.


A number of guest curators / artist-curators will also be present during the day. With them, artists can informally test-run their presentations while meeting a few more interesting contacts.

How to Apply

Email the application form and a pdf portfolio to info@bpigs.com by April 10, 2011.
Application Form: View PDF

Application fee
10 Euro


Anna Catharina Gebbers, Bibliothekswohnung (DEU)
Annika Von Taube, Sleek Magazine / Available Works (DEU)
Johannes Schön, KW Institute for Contemporary Art / Available Works (DEU)
Emilie Trice, Wilde Gallery (USA) + Saskia Neuman, KW Institute for Contemporary Art (SW/USA)
Solvej Oversen, Independent Curator (DN)
Creixell Espilla Gilart, Vierter Stock (SP)
Karolin Tampere, Independent curator
Urs Küenzi, Substitut (SWI)
Christian Ganzenberg, Daimler Contemporary (DEU)
Anna Redeker, Independent Curator (DEU)
Cassandra Edlefsen Lasc (DEU)
Guia Cortassa, Independent Curator (IT)
Jordan Nassar, Pool Gallery (USA)


Enrico Centonze, Grimmuseum (SWI)
Berlin Art Link: Monica Salazar, Clare Ros, Anna Russ (USA/DEU)

Event Info


Event: Sunday, April 17, 2011; 12–7:30pm
Fichtestraße 2, Berlin, click here for map

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