After the Smoke Clears: Gaillard’s Beeramid Still Intact

Article and Photos by Clare Ros in Berlin // Friday, April 1, 2011

Nearly a week following the opening of Cyprien Gaillard’s “The Recovery of Discovery” the central gallery at KW remains filled with the inebriated aftermath of shattered green glass, EFES puddles, and shredded blue cardboard boxes. Although the lower steps of the “Beeramid” have shifted into a more disheveled state, the overall structure remains surprisingly intact. A growing number of empty bottles lines the walls, and cardboard crates -many, over half-filled with unopened bottles- have been pushed aside into settlements of mini-pyramids, though they pale in comparison to the behemoth 72,000-bottle “mountain of beer.” As groups of students and tourists pass through, their strongly emotive reactions range from intense dismay to pure ecstasy. The question of “How long will it take to drink all of this?!” echoed through the hall, followed by the inevitable 99-bottles of beer on the wall rendition, happy birthday tunes and shrieks of excitement. The entropic anti-monument will be remain on view until May 22, 2011, and at this rate it seems there are plenty of beverages, ahem architectural blocks, to last.

Exhibition Info

Cyprian Gaillard: ‘The Recovery of Discovery’
Exhibition: Mar. 27 – May 22, 2011
Auguststraße 69, click here for map

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