Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bentzen’s highly illustrative work, previously displayed both as street art and on paper, relies largely on her subconscious, a place seemingly consumed with magic and spirituality. Though her artistic process is thoroughly controlled there is also paradoxically a meditative element to producing the intricate geometrical patterns which are a characteristic aspect of her work. Through using a predominately monochromatic palette, with glimpses of carefully selected bright colours, Bentzen’s illustrations explore sex, death and power, examining what lies beneath the surface in a dark yet honest and humorous tone. When ‘her girls’ are frustrated about their situations, they are not ashamed of showing it.

For the exhibition, which opens April 15th at Unlike Gallery, Bentzen has produced a number of new drawings which will be displayed alongside a large, sight-specific wall piece. Her geometric shapes will also leak onto the gallery windows, heightening the sensation of being part of Bentzen’s surreal world.

– Text from Unlike Gallery newsletter


Additional Information

Unlike Gallery
Exhibition: Opens 19:00 – 22:00 on Apr. 15 and runs until May 14, 2011
Chaussestrasse 116 (Click here for map)


Blog Entry by Adam Roche – in Berlin; Tuesday, April 12, 2011.


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