GILBERT & GEORGE: Urethra Postcard Art

Saturday, May 7, 2011

During a weekend where all eyes were fixed on Wills n’ Kate and everything Anglo-saxon, what could be more British than inviting everyone to tea? To mark the occasion of their new exhibition, Gilbert and George, those most English of artists, provided a welcome respite from the bustle of Gallery Weekend over Earl Grey and scones at Arndt gallery. Arndt is showing “The Urethra Post Card Art”, an exhibition of 52 new works by the duo. Each piece comprises of 13 picture postcards, drawn from souvenir shops, prostitutes’ calling cards and other pieces of urban ephemera, arranged in the shape of a urethra. It’s the single largest exhibition of their postcard art in Berlin to date.

Gilbert and George

Photo courtesy of Arndt Galerie

Photo by Jeni Fulton


Additional Information

ARNDT Galerie
The Urethra Postcard Art of Gilbert & George
Exhibition runs to 27th August 2011
Potsdamer Str. 96
Click here for map


Blog Entry and photos by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Saturday, May 7, 2011.

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