VECTOR LOUNGE: The Designers Battle

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vector Lounge’s ‘DRAW YOUR OWN LINE’ series, is a fierce one-to-one designer battle which challenges the graphic designers of four European capitals. The series is held simultaneously in two different cities and is aired live.

After two years of single battles, the contest has evolved to a broader edition with participants from Paris, Berlin, Copenhagen and London.

Aliens and monsters have been lurking in the themes of the past battles. This year the inspiration seems to be coming from a more mundane sources, as the illustrations from the Paris/Copenhagen challenge reveal.

The Berlin team will be one of the challengers on June 16, so get your cheerleader pompons ready and prepare to cheer for your favorite illustrators!

The Battles:

May – Paris vs. Copenhagen
June – Berlin vs Paris
July – Copenhagen vs. London
September – Paris vs. London
October – Berlin vs. Copenhagen
November – London vs. Berlin

What happens:

One-on-one live Design / Illustration / Art Battle
Two simultaneous events in 4 different European cities
Two city-teams with 4 local graphic designers who will create an artwork
Live online and offline audience (online broadcast + online archives)
Thirty minutes each battle
Eight pieces of art
One winner

ATN’s design for Dorothee Davoise for Paris

Berlin vs Paris II, Tim Robot for Berlin

Berlin vs Paris I, Rolan Brueckner for Berlin

Peachbeach for Berlin

MYMO for Jakob Tolstrup from Copenhagen

Martin Krusche’s design, for the one he made at BRIGHT

Herr Von Bias for Berlin


Blog Entry by Henna Räsänen – in Berlin; Saturday, Tuesday, May 24.

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