The month of Performance Art

by Henna Räsänen // May 25

An inspiringly broad series of performance events and workshops, the Month of Performance Art, is going through its last whole week of programs. MPA’s aim is to highlight the wealth and diversity of independent performance art practices. It intersects Berlin-based venues, curators, producers and artists operating in the boundaries of institutionalized performing arts structures.

Besides the events, MPA will publish the Berlin Performance Art Report. The first of its kind, the annual report documents work, events and practices related to and dealing with performance art in the period of May 2010 to April 2011.

The numerous locations around Berlin have been a platform for performances of interesting artists from around the world. The program started on May 1st and lasts until the end of the month. If you hurry up, you can still catch the final shows and discussions!

27 MAY 2011 Freies Museum / 11:00–22:00 / Organised by Joel Verwimp/Verleg Verlagt: Autobiographiction: half open structure with registration by email at VerlegtVerlag is a practice under development by Galeazzi&Verwimp, conceived in order to explore means of production and dissemination.

28 MAY 2011 Institut für alles mögliche / Organised by Stefan Riebel and Marion Ritzmann: Dinner Session, Live VJ Session, Solo Presentations.

29 MAY 2011 Institut für alles mögliche / Organised by Stefan Riebel and Marion Ritzmann: Open to anyone:, or Performance art made on-for-at video.

29 MAY 2011 Neu Bar/ 20:00–22:00 / Organised by Anette Schäfer and Miles Chalcraft-Trampoline: Pitching event for Tracing Mobility (actual event in November at Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt), a project that sets out to examine the shifting terrain of global (and individual) mobility and how its hand in hand development with networked infrastructure are transforming our conceptions of time, space and distance. For more information please visit:

***MPA CLOSING EVENT** 31 MAY 2011 Über Lebenskunst Klub / 16:00-20:00 / Organised by Paula Marie Hidebrandt: “BORN TO BE WILD” Wann wird Utopie Wirklichkeit? Was machen wir, wenn wir die Welt verändert haben? Auch im vierten Klub geht die Welt nicht unter. Die gegenwärtigen Zuspitzungen im globalen Klimadiskurs auf apokalyptische Panikszenarien einerseits und technokratische Utopien andererseits sind wenig hilfreich.

Workshop I: University of the Trees (Shelley Sacks)
Workshop II: Berliner Wildes Leben (Michiko Nitta, Susanna Hertrich und David Haley)
20.00 Uhr Matthew Herbert: Lecture Performance und Party (information about ticket sales for the MPA closing event with the fantastic Matthew Herbert to follow soon!)

Mimosa Pale, photo by Nina Braun

Krzysztof Honowski, Reluctant Striptease (a portrait of Valerie Solanas an hour before the shooting of Andy Warhol)

Yun-Ting Hung, Wurstgirl from Lose weight exercise

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