VIENNA IN BERLIN: Praterstr. 48

Sunday, June 26, 2011Tucked away behind a Vespa workshop in a back alley in Mitte lies Leslie Weißgerber’s and Max Frey’s new project space, Praterstr. 48. Berlin Originally hailing from Vienna, the art historian Weißgerber and the artist Frey set up the space early this year, and show a varied programme of contemporary art. Their current emphasis is on art with Viennese associations: either young artists from the city or who have studied or worked there. Frey is a gifted cook: exhibitions feature an evening with an informal four-course dinner, the “Kantine” priced at 20 euros, where guests have the opportunity to meet and talk to the artists and curators amidst the artworks.

Currently, Praterstr. 48 Berlin is showing work by Hanako Geierhos. Geierhos’ work references elements of textile design read through Minimalism. Her main preoccupation is with space and social interaction; she explores this through a combination of performance art, masks, and participatory sculptures – viewers can arrange the floor reliefs at will, creating possibilities for exchange and communication. Her leather pattern images, stacked in boxes, are designed to be arranged and rearranged on the walls – the viewer as the curator of their own exhibition.

Given the current buzz surrounding Austrian art, Praterstr.48 Berlin is very much a space to keep an eye on.


Additional Information

Praterstraße 48 Berlin
Exhibition runs from June 30, 2011
Opening times by arrangement under
Strassburger Str. 6-8


Blog entry by Jeni Fulton – in Berlin; Sunday, June 26, 2011.

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