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Thursday, June 30, 2011

This week I had the good fortunate to take the “Business 101: Consulting for Creative Professionals” course with Nadja Sayej, host and creator of the witty and insightful (and sometimes enjoyably disturbing) web-TV show, ArtStars*, at Node Residency Center. Sayej makes the course fun, interesting and thought-provoking, while offering practical information that every creative professional should know about how to share and communicate their artwork, project or company. If you’re weren’t lucky enough to make it to her last session in Berlin on June 25, be sure to buy her ArtStars* Guide to Getting Your Shit Together notes package, an invaluable reference for promoting your project, artwork, or company.

From ArtStars*
“In the 15-page ArtStars* Guide to Getting Your Shit Together notes package by NADJA SAYEJ, every artist will learn the most coveted secrets from this Globe and Mail freelancer and web TV maverick:

• How to use social media to brand your art practice
• How to put together a press kit and the 5 necessary elements you need to succeed
• How to get an art critic’s attention – and hold it
• How to get press from newspapers, magazines and broadcast journalism
• The do’s and don’ts of an artist’s website
• How to build a relationship with a critic without coming off like a suck-up
• What to do if you get a bad review – or if they get all the facts wrong
• How to think business outside of the grant system

For details and to purchase “ArtStars* Guide to Getting Your Shit Together” notes package, click here

artstars guide 1

artstars guide 2


Additional Information

NADJA SAYEJ is an award-winning journalist, web-TV host, reporter and internationally-acclaimed art critic who runs her own shit-disturbing web-TV show, ArtStars*. In a no-bullshit, balls-out Gonzo-style to the art world, she has interviewed Peaches onstage during a theater show, walked in on a Bruce LaBruce photo shoot, and chased Gilbert & George down the street before reaching their hotel. A relentless innovator, leader and purveyor of the new art criticism, she spent five years writing for Canada’s national newspaper, the Globe and Mail before moving to Berlin in 2010. She now writes for the New York Times and continues to explore European art scenes. Email her at nadja at artstarstv [dot] com.

Follow the adventurous fun on Twitter or her ever-popular Facebook fanpage or even on LinkedIn, as well.”



Blog entry by Monica Salazar – in Berlin; Thursday, June 30, 2011.

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