Open Call: Home Base Build

July 11, 2011

The HomeBase LAB are inviting artists for a unique summer residency titled HomeBase Build from August 10 to October 8, 2011 in Berlin. The residency program combines independent work in individual studios, creative communal living, an educational program, a cultural program and a “hands on” collaboration on building.

HomeBase Build

HomeBase is looking for 12 outgoing independent emerging and established artists, social entrepreneurs, designers, architects, and original thinkers from different cultural and artistic backgrounds who are are interested in:
▪ Pushing the boundaries of art towards a more social, sustainable, urban/human context.
▪ Contributing to the building of a unique non-for-profit art center with a far reaching cultural vision, in collaboration with international artists and the HomeBase teammembers.
▪ Spending a summer in Berlin in a beautiful, convenient, communal art setting with live-in studios and various facilities.
▪ Participating in an educational program that focuses on questions of identity – Home as the foundation of humanity, meaningful urban living and the role of contemporary art in society.
▪ Gaining professional exposure in the Berlin and the international art world through visits to Berlin-based curators, and via the HomeBase network / emailing list.

HomeBase Build Model
Artists selected to participate in the HomeBase Build residency will be invited to live and work in the old Brewery, devoting 30% of their time to the educational and collaborative shared bild aspect, while the rest of the time will be an opportunity to explore Berlin and work on individual projects.

HomeBase Build Schedule
Duration: Aug. 10–Oct. 08, 2011
▪ 3 weekly hours devoted to Co-study x 6 mtg
▪ 3 weekly hours devoted to HB BUILD project, in collaboration with the HomeBase team x 6 mtg
▪ 3 weekly hours of cultural programs and Salons x 6 mtg
▪ 3 personal meetings with prominent and emerging Berlin based curators and art experts
The residency will conclude with a presentation of the Build projects and art work to the public during a open house event.

What to build?
The Build projects, which include the conceiving and constructing of key organizational components and central rooms of the HomeBase LAB will be developed by the artists together with the HomeBase team.
They are divided into 5 main areas of focus:
▪ Curatorial / Educational / Anat Litwin: The HomeBase study center / developing curriculum and research materials on the topic of Home for our study program / Developing the HomeBase newsletter
▪ ECO: the HomeBase LAB garden / Jen Morone / Gardening / developing Eco systems
▪ Structure / Infrastructure / HomeBase Manager: Building management tools & infrastructure / Research on funding / Building a vital social network
▪ Community / Urban Setting / Bas Kools: Establishing the network in the local community / Documenting the Community / Researching what community is all about while fostering new relationships with our surroundings
▪ Creative Housekeeping / Kate Fulton: Developing recycle systems / creative house chores and domestic items
Each artist will propose a Build Project and will be paired with the team members to work in her or his field.

Residency fee is 600 Euro a month and a 1200 Euro in total. It includes the following:
▪ Rent for a furnished, live-in studio in Berlin
▪ All Utilities & maintenance
▪ Access to office center
▪ Educational Program & workshops
▪ Cultural program: Entrance to Berlin Museums, Tour of the City, Curators visit, Salon series
▪ 6 artist dinners
▪ Exposure and Promotion via HomeBase website and network
▪ Open House event
▪ printed materials and a special edition of a Newsletter made by the Build artists
Artists must cover general cost of living, arrange a VISA to Germany, and have insurance. The Residency fee must be paid by August 05. An estimate of 1800 Euro for living for the period of two months is recommended (not including art materials).

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