LEVY Galerie: Shifting the Everyday

Article by Devon Caranicas // Tuesday, July 19, 2011

LEVY Galerie Berlin’s latest show, Shifting the Everyday is now on view until August 27th. This dynamic group exhibition spans various mediums to stretch and redefine social, political and artistic norms. From John von Bergen‘s sculptural investigation to the subversive video work of Hannes Bend, somewhat common subject matter is deliberately chosen and thoughtfully skewed in a way that provokes the viewer to revisit the notion of perception and its malleable nature.

Participating Artists: Hannes Bend / John von Bergen / Birgit Brandis / Lorenz Estermann / Felix Kiessling / Gereon Krebber / Marc Lüders / Daniel Mohr / Stefan Pfeiffer / Annette Streyl

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