Lost works, Words left behind

by Devon Atkins, photos by Adam Nankervis // July 27, 2011

When an artwork acknowledges its own transience, words are often the only trace left to linger. Pieces made to be ephemeral, to be “lost,” are kept alive by various forms of documentation: Catalogues. Photographs. Articles. Reconstructions. Byproducts of the art that attempt to summarize and hold on.

“Paul Thek in Process,” curated by Susane Neubauer at Another Vacant Space in Wedding, investigates “the paradigmatic interface of art mediation based on sources and documentation which in its historicity and aesthetic mirror the complex conditions of the production of ephemeral art.”

The exhibition assembles various materials covering American artist Paul Thek’s (1933 – 1988) lost environmental works of the 70’s. The various photographs, slides, letters, catalogues as well as selected existing pieces of the artists’ work, are thought provokingly curated within the space. Time is an important theme within ephemeral works, and time is needed to explore the beautiful archive, installed only until Friday.

Additional Information

Another Vacant Space

Susanne Neubauer will be holding an Introduction into the exhibition, which is a part of a series, in the gallery on Thursday, July 28 at 7pm
“Prelude Paul Thek in Process”
Exhibition: July 22–29, 2011
Biesentalerstraße 16, Berlin, click here for map

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