ANNEX:art offers residencies at Kunsthof Tangendorf

by Samantha Manton // Aug. 9, 2011

ANNEX:art is currently accepting submissions for its Digital Unity residency project which begins in September – the results of which will be exhibited in both the Prignitz and Berlin. Take a look at the website for details.

Deep in the heart of the Prignitz, Germany, a mere two hours away from Berlin, there lies ANNEX:art. With its pastoral location, rustic appearance and garden full of herbs and vegetables, you would be forgiven for mistaking Kunsthof Tangendorf for just another of the many farms in the region. However, on prizing open the creaky front gate and stepping inside the lusciously verdant courtyard, the unique rural site is soon enough exposed as an artists’ hideout- the perfect escape from the hectic day to day life that confronts them in their city studios.

Established three years ago by artist Pablo von Lichtenberg, as part of international project ANNEX:art, the ‘Kunsthof’ facilitates opportunities for artists to exercise their creative talents outside of their ordinary studio environments, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. A continuing “work in progress”, the farm possesses the same experimental rigour and dedication to the mixed-media aesthetic that has pervaded Lichtenberg’s own oeuvre of assemblage art and sculpture over the last twenty years.

At present, stables, barns and farmhouses are being transformed into spacious, tranquil, and fantastically inspiring venues for artistic endeavour. A constantly revolving cast of visiting artists and volunteers means that no two days are ever the same. Beginning in 2012, ANNEX:art will be offering a full range of studio opportunities and artist residency programs at Kunsthof Tangendorf, as well as an expansive programme of workshops enabling artists to discover and experiment with techniques outside of their own expertise.

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Vahrnower Straße 1, 19348 Tangendorf

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