WERONIKA TROJANSKA at Engels, Neukölln

Weronika Trojanska, works at Engels CafeWeronika Trojanska, works at Engels Cafe as part of ‘Breaking Point’; courtesy of Überflug

Polish artist Weronika Trojanska is taking part in the group show Breaking Point, curated by Überflug Berlin at Engels Café in Neukölln. This artist initiative’s aim is to give artists a chance to show their work in a less conventional exhibition space. In the case of Trojanska’s work, the setting of Engels matches the imagery she creates, as well as the colours and the media used. Collages made with old paper and old images borrowed from the past; some from the war, some from the DDR, some more recent, are combined with typewritten inner thoughts, like manipulated archives. All images created are very delicate, urging viewers to move closer, and become intimate with them. In ways they are reminiscent of Ilya Kabakov’s work. Through these works Trojanska explores the origins of crisis and of wars- at how fantasy, utopia, and certain ideals can lead to horror, or, to borrow her own words “create a monster”.

Weronika Trojanska - "postcards"Weronika Trojanska, pieces from the “No-place” series, drawings and collages on paper, 2010-2011, courtesy of Weronika Trojanska


Additional Information

“Breaking Point” – GROUP SHOW
Curated by Überflug Berlin
Exhibition: Jun. 18 – Aug. 21, 2011
Closing Party: Aug. 21; 6-11 pm
Herrfurthstrasse 21 (click here for map)


Blog entry by Florence Reidenbach in Berlin; Sunday, August 21, 2011.

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