2NAKED; Interactive street art in London and Berlin

Popping up here and there in two of the most vibrant street art cities in the world, Berlin and London, are the two naked figures that at first sight remind passers-by of such popular culture references as Adam and Eve, or John and Yoko. When one gets closer however, it is the gaze and not the nakedness of the couple that piques one’s curiosity. What are the 2naked looking at?

2naked in Berlin, Photograph courtesy of 2naked

2naked in London, Photograph courtesy of 2naked

Critical street art often has less to do with the contents than the contexts and the idea of subverting the isolated and immobile ‘white cube’ art gallery space. Contents are used as strategies to compete for the audience’s attention in the open and distracting environment of the streets. In the case of the 2naked, spectators are rewarded with the layers of meanings offered via the artwork’s contexts once they get past the naked, although quite pleasing, spectacle.

The project’s interactivity extends to the accompanying QR codes through which smartphone users can gain more background information about the artworks and an online platform that allows visitors to upload photos, and create their own ‘street’ stickers and posters.

2naked is an art collective founded in 2008 by Bianka Langnickel and Thomas Gnahm, initially as a photo exhibition for project: synapses in Chişinău, Moldova.

2naked in London, Photograph courtesy of 2naked

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Blog entry by Amee Lê in Berlin; Friday, September 16, 2011.

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