Immersive Surfaces in New York

Article by Katy Diamond Hamer in New York // Monday, Sep. 19, 2011

After having spent the summer in Berlin investigating the contemporary art scene as well as international artists who are living and making work in the city, it was a delight to return to New York and know that an exhibit would feature some of the artists I had met while there. ‘Immersive Surfaces’, curated by Leo Kuelbs who divides his time between New York and Berlin, will be on view as part of the Dumbo Arts Festival happening in Brooklyn September 23rd-25th, 2011. The exhibit will feature over 30,000 feet of video projection and will be divided into three parts. Commencing with a series of short videos made by various artists including some based currently in Berlin, the pieces will be projected in the interior of the Manhattan Bridge Archway and onto the Anchorage. Viewers will have the opportunity to walk into the archway and experience the projections in a three dimensional volume of space.

This is the second year in a row that Leo Kuelbs has organized an exhibit in the public sphere of Dumbo, Brooklyn. However, Immersive Surfaces promises to live up to its name and will not only introduce a New York audience to a diverse group of artists but also invites public participation via Twitter, as well as pioneer various video mapping techniques normally used for commercial purposes. I look forward to seeing it in person!

For more information on the project please visit:

Adam Nankervis, Berlin
Adam Nankervis is an artist and independent curator. His practice has infused artistic, conceptual and curatorial practice in his lived in nomadic museum, Museum MAN, which renders the ready made, the habitated box, an apartment, to the navigation of the expanse of museum into an installation of threads of multifarious artists and artistic practice into a whole. His contribution to Immersive Surfaces is: ”…. as in heaven”, 2011

Devon Elise Atkins, Australia/Berlin
“Listen, the Snow is Falling” explores the distant horizon, viewed from above the clouds, as a space of mystery and intrigue. The dreamlike surface of the clouds cradle the earth, hiding the possible landscapes that lie beneath, the horizon sits between us and all that lies beyond. Clouds have always evoked wonder in kings and peasants alike, they are metaphysical, the external reflection of the internal human emotions that we project upon it.

Thomas Draschan, Berlin
Draschan’s latest high definition video, “Participation Mystique,” is a visual feast illuminating the self-conscious interiors of men and women as they react in relationship to one and other.

Vadim Schaeffler, Berlin
Beijing, an elderly man trying to catch a dragon. The dragon winching, struggling and breathing fire. 
The people watching the activities with interest and some indifferent.

Christine Schulz, Berlin
Christine’s latest video takes footage shot while in New York City, 2010, mixes it with collage and photography, animates it and the result is a unique blend of iconic NYC imagery and natural phenomenon.

Amelie Zadeh, Vienna/Berlin
YOU I YOU (2011) explores the tactile qualities of the skin through movement and stasis. Amelie Zadeh examines choreographies of being “in touch”. Surfaces onto which one’s own look is detached start to blur, opening themselves to a immersive perception of affect and desire.

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Katy Diamond Hamer is an art blogger and artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She was recently in Berlin documenting the contemporary art scene. Stay tuned for more posts on BerlinArtLink!

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