Call for Submissions: Exhibition ‘time capsule’ at smartloft

Feb. 2, 2012

What does it mean to be human? What would you submit as a symbol of humanity? How would you describe humankind to extraterrestrials? Artists are invited to imagine smartloft as a time capsule being rocketed into outer space. Work will be installed in the rooms with the notion that extraterrestrials could reside in our spaces and experience life from a human perspective.

At this moment in human history, four time capsules have been launched into space – two Pioneer Plaques and the two Voyager Golden Records. In 2014 the KEO satellite will be sent into space with individual messages from earthlings to be read by future earthlings when the satellite returns to earth in the year 52,000. Our time capsule will be presented as a significant collection of objects, ideas, and documents from artists and other creative people. How would you communicate with aliens and/or people of the future? What single object do you think is the most important to share as part of this kind of project?

Artists should submit work/object/document/idea that activates the concept of a space time capsule, or alternatively, submit a proposal for a new project that investigates the theme. Artist CV/resume and artist statement, including full contact information, including address, day/evening phone numbers, email address, and website. All mediums will be considered including but not limited to: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, installation, performance, and video.
CD: A selection of 5–10 digital images clearly labeled in the following manner: LASTNAME_1.jpg
Image list: including title, size, media, and any notes or brief text about work
DVD: no more than 5 minutes
Work list: including title, size, media, and any notes or brief text about pieces.

For this round of submissions, smartloft also accepting electronic submissions. But please be aware that file size is limited to 1.5 megabytes (1,572,864 bytes) per image file. This is plenty of space for a high-quality JPEG image at 1400x1050px. If you are having trouble squeezing your file into 1.5 mb, check to make sure your image is 1400 px or less in width and 1050 px or less in height. For electronic video submissions, please upload your video on vimeo or youtube and send us the link. Don‘t forget include the password if it’s password protected!

Artists will be notified of smartloft’s selection decisions within a week of the submission deadline. There is no fee for submissions. Please note that the exhibition runs about 6 months and the work should be available for exhibition for the entire period. Venue will organize an opening and will pay for invitation cards, opening refreshments, insurance on the work while on display, and a small expense fee. Artists are responsible for installation and de-installation of their work (if they reside in Berlin), and delivery expenses. Please submit completed submissions (emailed, postmarked, or hand delivered*) by Berlin time 5pm, Feb 4, 2012.

Application Info

Exhibition Info

Group Show: ‘time capsule’
Exhibition: Feb. 23–Sept. 09, 2012
Opening Reception: Wednesday, Feb. 22; 6–9pm

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