Dorothy IANNONE at Peres Project

Dorothy IANNONE at Peres Project, exhibition viewDorothy IANNONE at Peres Project; exhibition view

Peres Projects currently presents a collection of Dorothy IANNONE’s works that spans over four decades. The American artist (born in 1933) has lived in Berlin since the mid 70s.
The small collection of paintings and collages, some of which interact with video as well as audio elements, explore male-female sexual practices and invite us to imagine the relationships and the stories behind them.

The works seem to complement each other rather well, and it is almost impossible to tell which have been created in 1970 and which in 2012. The reason is that they all deal with what appears to be the artist’s favourite subject matters over the years: (female) sexuality.

The self-taught artist celebrates female sexuality free from social constraints, taboos and suppression. It is important to mention that IANNONE started her practice in the 1960s, a time that, in some aspects, has shaped her themes and aesthetics. Reproductive organs are there to serve only one purpose, to be transformed in elegantly designed – geometric almost – accessories whose destination is the pleasure of their owners.

Vibrant colours on white canvas backgrounds depict sexual practices, playing with IANNONE’s private life, dreams and past.

Dorothy IANNONE at Peres Project, exhibition viewDorothy IANNONE at Peres Project, exhibition view


Additional Information

“Sunny Days and Sweetness”- DOROTHY IANNONE
Exhibition: Mar. 17 – Apr. 21, 2012
Opening Hours: Tue. – Sat. 11am – 6pm
Grosse Hamburger Straße 17 (click here for map)


Blog entry and photos by Anna Smith in Berlin; Wednesday, Mar. 28, 2012.

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