S.A.V.E. conducts census poll of Berlin artists

Ze Coeupel-"S.A.V.E Berlin"
Ze Coeupel – “S.A.V.E“ (2011), Picture from performance

Ambra Pittoni and Paul-Flavien Enriquez-Sarano together make up the artist duo Ze Coeupel, a collaboration that started out as an investigation of questions regarding culture.

Ze Coeupel started their project S.A.V.E in Berlin in 2009 after both experiencing changes in the city, as well their mutual worry of what would become of Berlin. S.A.V.E is an investigation agency, in the form of a  projectatory performance, with the goal to find solutions regarding cultural, economical, social and individual issues. 

After performing S.A.V.E in several different cities, adapted each time to the particular needs of each place, the project now returns to it’s birth town. Ze Coeupel describes Berlin, with artists from all over the world, as a city that has its soul in the art.  The artists question how the city actually takes care of the people creating art, and what this leads to. The performance by Ze Coeupel, this time under the name of S.A.V.E. Berlin/Census, will take part at Exile gallery from May 5 until the June 4, 2012.  

This time, S.A.V.E will take form as an all-comprehensive census of the artists in Berlin; what their needs and expectations are. The end result will be a map of all artists who contribute to create Berlin.

Ze Coeupel-"S.A.V.E/Census"
Ze Coeupel – “S.A.V.E Berlin/Census“ (2012)


Additional Information

Ze Coeupel call every artist living and working in Berlin to report in their office, register and speak.
Opening hours Thu-Sat 3 to 6 PM at:

“S.A.V.E. Berlin/Census” – ZE COEUPEL
Exhibition: May 5 – Jun. 2, 2012
Skalitzer Str 104 (click here for map)

More info and updates about Census is available on Facebook:
Ze Coeupel

Blog entry by Marie-Louise Crona in Berlin; Thursday, Apr. 12, 2012.

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