Look up! MOMENTUM BERLIN launches public video art space: Sky Screen

Sky Screen: Every Night From Rosenthaler Platz from 10pm, curated by MOMENTUM, Berlin

On the 25th of April, MOMENTUM BERLIN will launch their new public video art space called ”Sky Screen”. From from 10pm – 4am every night the space on Rosenthaler Platz will become a public art space, encouraging people to shift their view of the popular intersection and “look up”. This project will work in contradiction to the usually closed and darkened rooms in galleries where video art is expected to be shown. MOMENTUM BERLIN’s goal with Sky Screen is to bring the best international video art to Berlin, and fill the gap of a public art space in the middle of Berlins gallery district.

MOMENTUM WORLDWIDE is a non-profit art organization originated from Sydney but now based in Berlin, at Kunstquartier Bethanien where they have a permanent space functioning as a gallery of galleries. Collaborations with other commercial and non-profit galleries, private collectors and art initiatives gives the opportunity to show and promote international artist, and continuously work around the question ”what is time based art?”.

Bringing together artists from Asia, Europe, America, and the Antipodes, the inaugural show, SubjectsObjects will spotlight various works from artists around the world, including Hye Rim Lee’sObsession: Love Forever, Cao Fei’s Rabbit Dog and Tracey Moffatt’s Other. SubjectsObjects will address the individual as both subject and object: of the media, of history, of modernization, of labor, of the gaze, of beauty, of love, of age, of culture, of expectations, of the screens which mediate our sense of experience.

Momentum-SkyScreen“Sky Screen” mock-up at the corner of Torstraße and Brunnenstraße


Additional Information

Launch: Apr. 25; 10pm-4am 2012
Rosenthaler Platz (click here for map)

Facebook Event Page


Blog entry by Marie-Louise Crona in Berlin; Sunday, Apr. 22, 2012.

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