The Largess of Mini-Mahler

Ensemble Mini, BerlinMini-Mahler, ensemble mini at Tacheles, Berlin, 2012. Photo by Lucas Kromm, courtesy of ensemble mini.

Just because something is small doesn’t mean that it isn’t great. When I first came to Berlin in 2010, I caught the premier of this musical experiment called mini-Mahler. Performed by ensemble Mini, mini-Mahler’s quintessential aim is to make Mahler’s music more accessible to a contemporary audience. By playing with different performance-space possibilities (mini-Mahler has played at a variety of venues, including Tacheles), and by questioning the normally large-scale that tends to define classical-music orchestras, ensemble allows for a more intimate experience of Mahler’s music. Led by English conductor Joolz Gale, ensemble Mini explores classical-music themes and arrangements in order to present a transformed “sound-world.”

Tonight the Berlin Philharmonic will host the final mini-Mahler performance by ensemble Mini. And while this is sure to be an explosive and enveloping musical experience, ensemble Mini is already developing mini-Wagner and mini-Brahms programs for future performances. Tonight’s concert will also feature the brand new mini-Choir and a world premiere of their new Mahler arrangment.


Additional Information

mini-Mahler at the Berlin Philharmonie
Berlin Philharmoniker, Kammermusiksaal
Final Performance TONIGHT: June 20, 2012; 8pm
Herbert-von-Karajan-Straße 1 (click here for map)

To learn more about ensemble Mini, click here

Blog entry by Elizabeth Feder in Berlin; Wednesday, Jun. 20, 2012.

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