Derzeit – Future Fashions in Material Form

Berlin Fashion Week has started, and it is time to forget the heat of 2012 and focus on the future – the blossoming of Spring / Summer 2013 is on its way. With five days full of frantic schedules, VIP lists and high heels, being physically present at the whole Berlin Fashion Week may not be entirely realistic for every arts and fashion lover. But luckily Derzeit magazine has made it possible to observe all the excitement as an insider… even if you don’t have a seat on the front row.

Photo by Jonas Lindström” Hinterland Revisited”; Photo by Jonas Lindström; Courtesy of Derzeit

Derzeit produces a daily report of fashion week as it happens, running four free issues from Wednesday until Saturday, producing a cultural guide to the events, designers and the shows. Derzeit doesn’t just focus on the individual items of clothing that are presented at Fashion Week Berlin, but instead looks at the bigger picture, it explores the artistic environment from which fashions are born out of. It realises that fashion is an expression of our culture, just as art is, and that the origin of an idea is just as important as the result.

So if you want an original and comprehensive perspective to Fashion Week Berlin without running from trade show to catwalk, find out where you can get hold of a copy here:


Blog entry by Leanne McClean in Berlin; Tuesday, July 3, 2012.

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