Sunday ‘High Tea’ by Art Eats Brunch

Art Eats Brunch flyer

After the success of last year’s Art Eats Brunch, nowMomentnow is introducing a summer ‘High Tea’ this Sunday and inviting the public to indulge once again in its “culinary and cultural delights”. Tomorrow will see ‘High Tea’ taking over the S&yM art space in Neukölln and fill it with the behind-the-scenes photographs of the dynamic underground world of queer film and art, captured by Berlin-based artist Alexa Vachon.

The food — for there will be food — will be provided by Foodgasm Berlin, who has been working on an exciting menu stacked with artisanal teas, homemade lanvender-honey scones, corn fritters, twisted finger-sandwiches, and specially brewed cocktails.

And what starts as a midday High Tea will end, as most good things do in Berlin, in a dance party. DJ sets into the evening will be filled by the likes of Oni Ayhun (The Knife), Black Cracker, Dark Horse Interchange and more.

Alexa Vachon/arteatsbrunch flyer

This part-fundraiser, part-open studio, part-party is an incredible way to strengthen and build the moving image and arts community in Berlin, and to indulge yourself in every regard while doing so. All proceeds from the tea/brunch extravaganza go towards funding nowMomentnow’s slate of summer projects.

Additional Information

‘High Tea’
Date: Sunday, August 26th; 12pm
Location: S&yM Space
Mainzerstr. 58 (click here for map)

nowMomentnow is a team of artists and producers who work collaboratively to create films, spectacles, music videos and performances with the local community. “The nowMomentnow Pop-up Café is a way to reach out and extend our network of artists, producers and consumers of film, video and the arts,” says its co-founder Imogen Heath, “and to talk about the future.”


Blog entry by Evanna Folkenfolk in Berlin; Saturday, August 25, 2012.

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