Outside Chapter Presents Interactive Art from Venice to Hamburg

Martin RomeoAndrea Santini, “Oscilla” (2011). Image courtesy of A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center.

After Hamburg-based artists’ resounding success at the Venetian A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center, Italian multimedia artists will endeavor to create a similar exhibition entitled Outside Chapter at the Elektrohaus in Hamburg. Beginning September 7th, the exhibition will present the second half of the work engendered by an exchange between the Art Academy of Hamburg (HFBK) and the A Plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center in Venice. This effort hopes to strengthen the ties between the burgeoning art scenes in Venice and Hamburg.

The artists Andrea Fincato, Mariano Leotta, Martin Romeo, Andrea Santini and Matteo Stocco will explore the notion of “serendipity,” the joy in discovering an unknown pleasantry. In addition, Outside Chapter will discuss the use of technology in terms of creating an interactive piece of art. The relationship between the object itself and its interactive result creates many disparate possibilities that often manifest themselves in unforeseen ways. The result of each piece’s journey through this transformation will be documented in an installation.

Andrea SantiniMartin Romeo, “Built In” (2011). Image courtesy of A plus A Slovenian Exhibition Center.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a website, which will log the visitors’ opinions during the opening days of the exhibition. It will also focus on the process through which audiences influence an artist’s final project.

Additional Information

Exhibition Information:

Exhibition: Sept. 8 – 14, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 7; 7pm
Pulverteich 13, 20099 Hamburg-Mitte (click here for map)

Blog entry by Anna C. Purcell in Berlin; Sunday, Sept. 2, 2012.


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