Pampero Appartement Re-Installed

Courtesy of the Pampero Colectivo, the Atelierhof Kreuzberg was divided for the night of October 06 into bright, white-walled display rooms paired with the dimmer, reconstructed areas of the Pampero Appartement. Here, the event sought to celebrate both the former artistic energy as well as the physical space of the original Appartement. Closed in 2010, the Appartement, a centre for the independent art scene, had been open for almost five years.

The display areas featured the photographs, prints, sculptures, and video works of twenty-two artists who had previously been associated with Appartement. While the heavy attendance made absorption of the artwork difficult, a number of pieces stood out in relation to the event itself.

Tangled in colour, wire, and plastic segments, the playful abstraction and bright shades of Isabel Kerkermeier’s large untitled sculpture in the main gallery room, captured the eye and paralleled the vibrancy of the night. The artist had been a frequent visitor of Appartement and says she enjoyed the interwoven social and artistic aspects of the location.

Get Rid of Yourself, a 2003 video work produced by the New York and Paris based collective Bernadette Corporation, was screened in a back room of the gallery. Provided with two sets of headphones, the semi-documentary work centered on Black Bloc anarchism and the anonymous identity of revolt against global political structure. It gave a momentary alternative to the viewer, blocking off the surrounding sound and conceptually inviting one to remove their identity—-an enticing invitation in the over-stimulation of the environment.


Additional Information

“Appartement Re-Installed” – GROUP SHOW
Occurred on: Saturday, Oct. 6; 8pm until late…
Schleiermacher str 31-37 Kreuzberg (click here for map)

For more information about the event:


Blog entry by Natasha Klimenko in Berlin; Friday, Oct. 12, 2012.

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