Humanity in Fashion Award: Competition for young, sustainable designers!

hessnatur, Germany’s largest natural clothing brand and one of the pioneers of the global organic fashion movement, is currently inviting young, up-and-coming designers to apply for the fourth Humanity in Fashion Award—-presented to innovative ideas in sustainable fashion design.

The prize itself, which will be awarded during a public event at the Berlin Fashion Week in July 2013, presents the winner with 25,000 euros and a contract to create an upcoming women’s collection for hessnatur. The competition, which charges no participation fee, is open to all designers under 35-years-old.

This year’s theme is “authenticity”. As a commonly heard expression nostalgically relating present fashion to the past, the topic beckons designers to ask themselves a number of questions: What is authenticity’s significance in fashion? What are authentic conceptions of future fashion tends? How can authentic values be reinterpreted through a sustainable framework?

hessnatur looks forward to seeing the eco-minded and sustainable ideas that will be presented for a chance to win this year’s prize!

The deadline for applications is 31st January 2013.


Additional Information

For more information about the Humanity in Fashion Award, including application guidelines and forms, please visit:

“Humanity in Fashion Award” — Competition for sustainable designers.
Competition deadline: January 31, 2013


Blog entry by Natasha Klimenko in Berlin; Thursday, Nov. 08 2012.

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