Avant-garde design in Germany, 1919-1933

The theme of the year in Berlin is “2013 – Diversity Destroyed”. With numerous events and more than 120 partners, the Kulturprojekte Berlin remembers the eightieth anniversary of the Nazi regime’s access to the power and seeks to communicate the importance of tolerance and cultural diversity.

In the frame of such an important aim, the Bröhan Museum is presenting a special exhibition regarding three ceramic artists who brought avant-garde issues into the everyday life of the German golden 20s: Marguerite Friedlaender-Wildenhain, Margarete Heymann-Marks and Eva Stricker-Zeisel. The three of them had Jewish backgrounds and contributed considerably to the development of design in Germany, standing out through their artistic talent and their wish of experimentation.

As Jews, from 1933 on, they were not allowed to practice their profession anymore and had to emigrate to Great Britain or to the USA. This case exemplifies perfectly how the Nazis knowingly slaughtered an advanced, productive and open-minded society. The exhibition, and the entire project of the “Diversity Destroyed”, reminds us how fragile the nature of certain social achievements and of pluralistic values really is.

The Bröhan Museum is presenting around 180 works of the three artists, who created extraordinary forms and decoration for objects of daily use. Their achievements have been leading patterns in the applied arts and still conserve their beauty and fascination. Besides the modern, coloured and experimental form, these works are full of historical meaning. The exhibition takes place until May 20th and is highly recommended.


Additional Information

“Avantgarde für den Alltag. Jüdische Keramikerinnen in Deutschland 1919-1933” – MARGUERITE FRIEDLAENDER-WILDENHAIN, MARGARETE HEYMANN-MARKS, EVA STRICKER-ZEISEL
Exhibition: Feb. 28 – May 20, 2013
Schloßstraße 1a (click here for map)


Blog entry by Andrea Ongaro in Berlin; Wednesday, Mar. 06, 2013

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