Open Call: First Come, All Shown

by Sarah Gretsch // Mar. 28, 2013

The Deutsche Bank KunstHalle Berlin in a grandiose – or rather overzealous – spirit for contemporary art, is opening its doors and clearing its walls for everyone. Literally everyone. For 24 hours artwork about anything, made by anyone will be accepted and hung on the walls until they run out of space. No questions asked.

Painting, drawing, photography, doesn’t matter–– as long as it is no bigger than 2×2 Meters. Works should be brought to Charlottenstraße 37/38 between Apr. 5 and Apr. 7. from 10am to 7pm. But get there early since acceptance will end once the capacity limit is reached.

A true first-come-first-serve, jury-less art show may only tempt the hobby-painters out there, but those artists who put aside their pride and brave the frightening pushing and shoving that will ensue at the doors for submissions, could reap serious benefits. One winner, with the artwork with the most votes from the audience, will receive a year-long studio grant with 500 Euros/month. Three other artworks, chosen by a jury, will receive a 2-week solo show in the studio in the Deutsche Bank KunstHalle from Nov. 2013 to Feb. 2014.

Even if you’re no artist, but merely interested in seeing what the people of this city can create, the exhibition takes place for just one day, between 12pm, April 8th and 12pm, April 9th.

Additional Information

“Macht Kunst”
Exhibition: Apr. 8-9, 2013; 12pm
Unter den Linden 13/15 (click here for map)

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