Drive East: Volker Kreidler’s Russia Photos.
Artist talk, May 13.

Volker Kreidler - "Cinema 'Progress' in Saint Petersburg"; courtesy the artistCinema ‘Progress’ in Saint Petersburg

Currently on display at the Volkswagen Automobil Forum are the large-format photographs of Volker Kreidler, documenting a drive he took from Berlin to Russia. These landscapes take us on a journey that feels ever informed by a sense of history and symbolic purpose. On Tuesday May 14 the Volkswagen Automobil Forum and Kubix will present DRIVE EAST – SICHTWECHSEL: an open-dialogue between Volker Kreidler and Wladimir Kaminer. Kaminer, a Russian-born German writer, is best known for his book Russendisko (2000), a collection of wry vignettes about life in 1990s Berlin with its emerging post-wall multi-culturalism (Russendisko is also the name of the legendary improvised dance night Kaminer started at Kaffee Burger). The talk promises to be an interesting meeting between two artists both offering unique perspectives on the Berlin/Russia connection, its past and present. The discussion will be followed by a reading from Wladimir Kaminer.

Volker Kreidler - "Saint Petersburg" (2011), piezo-pigment print; courtesy the artistSaint Petersburg (2011)


Blog entry by Jessyca Hutchens in Berlin; Wednesday, May 8, 2013.

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