“(n)on site” at km temporaer

Nicolas Boillot - "Isotopie" (2009)Nicolas Boillot – “Isotopie” (2009)

Intertwining technology and art can mean anything from pushing the aesthetic boundaries of multi-media art forms, to exploring technological capabilities, or exposing the conceptual relationship between technology and the individual or society.

The upcoming show “(n)on site” at km temporaer combines notions of all three, exploring how mapping as a theme in art changes dramatically with each technological cartographic enrichment, creating new and different dialogues within forms of virtual and multidimensional space.

For the exhibition curated by Elisa R. Linn and Lennart Wolff, various artists’ works combine digital media and classical art disciplines, intertwining traditional concepts of space and new methods of technological mapping. These changes in mapping allow access to a different pictorial surface of the world, creating a sense of space that before only existed in imagination but can now be accessed through concrete images and often virtually through digital maps.

Spiros Hadjidjanos - "Displacement Maps" (2012)Spiros Hadjidjanos – “Displacement Maps” (2012)

Such pictorial rationality answers a human longing for the capability to comprehend abstract, invisible, dynamic structures. Artist Nicolas Boillot explores such abstractions of space and time through his video installation Isotopie, which in layering videos of two geographical distant cities aestheticizes the phenomenon of homogeneity in urban spaces.

Some works integrate themselves into the space of km temporaer, such as the mixed media project Panorama by Julian Charrière. Other works employ a sense of anonymity by avoiding references, while others deconstruct or dematerialize real maps.

An aesthetic experience that will make you reconsider maps, nature, and urban space, “(n)on site” is an opening this week not to be missed.

Daniel Schwarz - "juxtapose" (2012)Daniel Schwarz – Juxtapose” (2012)

Additional Information

“(n)on site” – GROUP SHOW
Exhibition: May 25 – Jun. 14, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, May 24; 7pm
Kremmener Straße 8a (click here for map)


Blog entry by Sarah Gretsch; in Berlin; Tuesday, May 21, 2013.

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