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Fitness for Artists TV, leaders shot, courtesy of Helga WretmanFitness for Artists TV, leaders shot, courtesy of Helga Wretman

Helga Wretman may have invented the very first art-discourse-based fitness regime. Over the course of a work-out, Wretman interviews artists in their studios, discussing their work and ideas between squats and star-jumps. For the second episode of her Fitness for Artists TV series, Wretman interviews the artist Aleksandra Domanović. Domanović, who works across digital media and sculpture, is interested in themes around collective identity, nationalism and monumentality. Her work “19:30”–titled after the time-slot for the nightly news in the former Yugoslavia where she grew up–grapples with the changing nature of communal experiences, from news broadcasts to techno raves. The work-out proves to be less distracting than you’d think–imbuing the discussion with humor and energy. Who ever said you couldn’t combine your interest in art with your need to get fit?

You can watch the interview here.


Blog entry by Jessyca Hutchens in Berlin; Tuesday, Jun. 11, 2013.

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