Art & Tours Berlin brings back Walk with the artists

Chryssa Tsampazi - As if it were possible, Art & Tours Berlin, photo: Stefania MiglioratiWalk with Chryssa Tsampazi; copyright Art & Tours Berlin, photo by Stefania Migliorati

Forget the hop-on-hop-off bus tours at Unter den Linden or the M29 “richtung Roseneck”, Art & Tours Berlin presents a entirely unique way to tour the city with Walk with the artist, city tours designed by a diverse selection of the city’s artists. Due to the success of last season, the weekend of artist itineraries is back this month from June 28th-30th.

Based on their personal Berlin experiences, involved artists investigate the territory in a singular way diverging from the typical tourist points of monuments, squares, or museums. The concept for Walk with the artist stems from the aesthetics of walking as a tool to describe and experience a complex metropolitan space combined with a rare and individualistic view of a city with a vast cultural history.

Art & Tours Berlin Walking with Artists TourWalk with Irma Markulin; copyright Art & Tours Berlin, photo by Stefania Migliorati

As the artist’s eyes unveil a fascinating charm in apparently unspectacular areas, participants are encouraged to come with questions, to create a dialogue between artist, individual, and city. In this way Walk with the artists becomes more than a walk; it is an open-air workshop, an artistic intervention in the city with actively involved participants. An opportunity for contemporary art lovers and an audience interested in contemporary transformations happening in Berlin, Walk with the artists will show you the city in an unexpected and novel way.

International artists hosting walks include: Rebecca Agnes, Paolo Barlascini, Silke Bauer, Irma Markulin, Maria Mitsopoulou, Irina Novarese, Stefanie Schairer, Viola Thiele and Chryssa Tsampazi.

Walks begin June 28th and continue until June 30th. Tours will be held in English.

Number of participants is limited, so it is recommended to make your reservation in advance. Tickets will be sold in three forms:

Cost of one walk (2 hour duration): 10 €
Cost of a 4 walks ticket: 30 €
Cost of a season ticket (9 walks): 60 €

Rebecca Agnes Dispaced Monuments and Disappeared PlacesWalk with Rebecca Agnes; copyright Art & Tours Berlin, photo by Stefania Migliorati

Additional Information

For more information and schedule of artist walks visit Art & Tours Berlin here.


Walk with the Artist

City Tours on Friday, Jun. 28
“I Found” with VIOLA THIELE, 10am-12pm
“Berlin Alexanderplatz” with IRINA NOVARESE, 1-3pm
“Umgesetzte Denkmäler und verschwundene Orte” with REBECCA AGNES, 4-6pm

City Tours on Saturday, Jun. 29
“Choreographie der Massen und Sportinteraktionen im Bezug auf Residuen Sakraler und totalitärer Architektur im Berliner Stadtraum” with IRMA MARKULIN, 10am-12pm
“Mit Dada auf der Jagd (nach Raum)” with PAOLO BARLASCINI, 1-3pm
“Blind Date” with STEFANIE SCHAIRER, 4-6pm

City Tours on Sunday, Jun. 30
“I Found” with SILKE BAUER, 10am-12pm
“Malefichorus” with MARIA MITSOPOULOU, 1-3pm
“Wenn es möglich wäre” with CHRYSSA TSAMPAZI, 4-6pm


Blog entry by Sarah Gretsch in Berlin; Thursday, June 20, 2013.

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