Exhibition // Future Ruins in Bergen

On May 27-31, 2013, thirteen artists presented their work at the Future Ruins; Obsolescence & Inoperativity Exhibition at the Bergen Arkitektsole (BAS), Norway. The exhibition was curated by Dan Dorocic and Alison Hugill, who held an open call for artists from around the world in March 2013. The artists who were selected are Anna Andrea Vik Aniksdal (Bergen/BAS), Nicolas Barrette (Toronto/U of T), Andrew Bateman/Veronica Simmonds/Phanuel Antwi (Halifax), Samuel Carvalho (Berlin/raumlabor), Florian Goldmann (Berlin/UdK), Tarik Hindic (Bergen), Cressida Kocienski (London), Lasse Kilvaer (Oslo/Melbourne), Sylbille Neumeyer (Stuttgart), Hidemi Nishida (Japan/Bergen), Ellen Ringstad (Bergen/KHIB), Dagmar Schurrer (Berlin), and Havard Tveito (Bergen/BAS).

The following video shows results: held in a former grain silo, the exhibition was a mix of photography, drawings and installations dealing with discarded and superseded structures of urbanism and technology.

Future Ruins from tzch on Vimeo.


Blog entry by Alena Sokhan in Berlin; Thursday, Jun. 27, 2013.

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