Intervention // Social Sculpture, the Empowerment of Wood Crowds

Alejandro Ceron - "Mind the Crowd 002" (2013), Scrap Wood; photos by Luis Preciado MorenoAlejandro Ceron – “Mind the Crowd 002” (2013), Scrap Wood; photos by Luis Preciado Moreno

Mind the Crowd is a sculptural intervention into Berlin crowds by multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Ceron. 25 humanoid wooden figures appeared in different public spaces in Berlin in June 2013 in an effort to stimulate collective awareness. Living in a modern, virtual world, most people don’t realise the potential for empowerment through virtual collective spaces like social networks, open source platforms, etc. These virtual collectives also have the potential to dismember the individual, swallow unique thought into the banality of exactly the same.

The first step to emancipation is an awareness of our individuality and simultaneous presence in a collective of beings no different from us–conceive of an individual action which draws its strength from (instead of submitting to) the universality of action. Ceron’s installation of a group of motionless bodies among the animated city crowd sparks both an identification with the wooden figures and a realization of our potential for action.

Mind the Crowd is an ongoing, collective effort: the next installation will be on Wednesday, Jul. 24, 2013 at the bridge between Pannierstrasse and Glogauerstrasse, at 8 – 11 pm.

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Alejandro Ceron - "Mind the Crowd 014" (2013), Scrap Wood; photos by Luis Preciado MorenoAlejandro Ceron – “Mind the Crowd 014” (2013), Scrap Wood; photos by Luis Preciado Moreno


Blog entry by Alena Sokhan in Berlin; Tuesday, Jul. 23, 2013.

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