Photo Blog // Christian Falsnaes at KW

Last Thursday, Danish artist Christian Falsnaes performed at KW as part of the monthly series: THE PERFORMATIVE MINUTE which aims to canvas recent trends and developments in performance art. Performing a piece designed specifically for KW, Falsnaes employed his characteristic participatory strategies to motivate and activate his audience by constructing a variety of situations for them to engage in.

While unwittingly becoming part-of-the-performance, we managed to capture some of the key moments!

christian falsnaes at KW

christian falsnaes at KW

christian falsnaes at KW

christian falsnaes at KW

Additional Information

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Takes place on the first Thursday of every month.
Auguststrasse 69, 10117 Berlin


Photographs by Stephanie Third in Berlin; Thursday, Sep. 12, 2013.

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